This trend of mocking John Ross to the Saints

Can we information this trend of mocking John Ross to the Saints We traded Brandin Cooks because our receiver corps is completely fine without him, And helping the defense is the top priority. It was Michael Thomas, Willie Snead, And as well Ted Ginn. We basically relpaced our Super Bowl receiving corps of Colston, Moore, And in addition Henderson. We be best. Brees would make a group of rookie UDFA look like an effective WR group. Sean Payton has been perfectly clear precisely what he wants this offseason: Defensive strategy. The Saints started gift shops Cooks. This wide”He was locker room cancer and considered necessary out” Thing was blown way out of percentage. His agent lamented after the Rams game where he had no catches(Because Thomas was wide open all day and dominated the defense while Cooks was double teamed for your game). The team planned to trade Cooks because A) He was surplus to necessities, C) Defense is essential, B) His selling price was at its peak, And furthermore D) We definitely might not have been able to re sign him when his contract expires in 2 years anyway. We need to win while Brees is still here. We are well aware that the only method to do that is by improving the defense. We have a top 5 offense per year. We have a bottom 5 defense each and on an annual basis. We trade away a really good receiver for a 1st round pick. Ramczyk is Tyler Eifert Jersey really serious to me, But man having two of our lineman coming off of hip pain? That seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I wouldn be upset if we made to last Ramczyk(Primarily just Mr. I be in Assisted Living want My Rookie Contract is Up would) It risky. I always careful of drafting damaged goods because of the heightened risk. To heart(Like every draft lol I estimated) I rather pursue ILB or DL. If Ruben Foster or Jonathan Allen fall outside the top 10, I will go to Dove Valley and demand Elway trade up to suit.

Due to the fact, The Saints goal every year is to address immediate needs in free agency so they can go BPA in the draft and they did that to a reasonable extent they can throw in a wild card pick or two. Whilst still being, The whole point of trading Cooks was to get defensive help found their top 4 WR pretty much set next year. If anyone is planning another mock and wants a Saints roster breakdown I chose to make this one last week, The only changes since then are incorporating a veteran safety which makes that less of a need. From my opinion Ross has every chance of being better than Cooks is. Likewise, Like you alluded to Brees won be making UDFA WRs appear 2nd round picks forever, Whoever the QB of the saints is, I bet he would take pride John Ross. In addition. His agent lamented after the Rams game where he had no catches(Because Thomas was wide open all day and dominated the defense while Cooks was double teamed for your game) Looks like make use of a burner WR to make sure this stays the case! /s I do agree that the Saints could probably use more shielding help tho. In that Tyler Boyd Jersey sense Ross wouldn be the best pick the Saints could make according to the board at the time of the pick. Cooks showed poor hands and his biggest strength was his running after the issue ability. Literally his biggest weakness was his untrustworthy hands. He often had develop body catches(Yet still does) But there were questions regarding his ability to play outside.

You letting his pro career affect your impression of him as a prospect. He was a good route runner in college but Ross absolutely more polished and fluid. Quite possibly, You cite blazing speed as one of Cooks biggest skills, Which is certainly fine and true, But John Ross is the last person try to be comparing anybody speed to. There grounds he won the Biletnikoff yet was the 4th WR off the board. Making matters when you winning college awards but he was far from the best prospect. He had disadvantages, Exactly Ross does, Which put him lower on the draft board on most GMs, Consequently with guys like Evans and Odell coming before him. Update: Wanted to add that I read your mock and at least regarding the Falcons pick I liked it, And think it is pretty interesting overall so thanks for that Lil confident for the though haha I be mad if you landed Barnett and Wilson(That be my ideal draft if I were a new orleans team fan)We don need an individual in his exact mold, Life style.

There a reason Thomas started to take Cooks WR1 spot over the summer season. Payton offense is built around title receivers. Jones is Payton prototypical WR1. Cooks is a great player, And he was emphatically a great weapon on offense, But we aren going to trial when we replace him with Ted Ginn. The deep threat is a secondary piece in the offense Dre Kirkpatrick Jersey, Not the center point. Ginn isn anywhere near the phone Cooks is, But he doesn most likely be. He just needs to stretch this area; If he opened, Brees will toss the deep bomb, But 90% almost daily, His job is to pull defenders with him to give Thomas and Snead more room in the the field. Like I shown, I’m sure Cooks, But he surplus to needs. Our offense continues to be top 5 without him. Increasing the offense won win more games. Helping the defense will. We might draft a receiver at the heart rounds, But swallowing one in the 1st, Even if Ross great prospect, Would not in favor of everything we done this offseason.